Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Would you be miffed if your friend owed you 3 million?

I bet you would.

Does this man owe you money?

Len Barrie has repaid Oren Koules the 3 million that he owed, and I can assume that this will help smooth out their friendship.

I can't stand owing money to people. Even when I owe people $20 bucks for covering dinner or something I try to pay people back as fast as possible because I hate the feeling of owing money.

Imagine if you owed someone 3 million? I wonder how you bring that up... "Hey Oren, so buddy, I'm gonna need for you to cover my side of the payment to the NHL about the team that is currently loosing buckets of much you ask? Well...just spot me 3 million..."

That conversation must have sucked. But now it has been
confirmed, by text no less to Damian Cristodero that the sum has been paid back. It's nice to know that the beat reporter is on constant texting basis with Koules. Is this a cost cutting measure by the newspaper or are they just chummy? Will DC not get to go on the road with the team and instead just text the owner? It just seems to weird to confirm the information by referencing your text that you received from the owner. I guess I can be ok with texting as long as he doesn't reference twitter as a 'source' in the future. I will draw the line.

If you have ever wanted to read about how Len Barrie came to own/develop Bear Mountain Resort, there was a piece that was written in the business section of the Globe and Mail back in March. It's a little long, but interesting to read.

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