Monday, September 21, 2009

Lighting on the way to Everett

According the the Lighting twitter, the boys are on the bus headed to the airport to catch a flight to Seattle. The boys will be so close (a 3 hour drive) yet so far away (when you don't own a car) from me.

I am using this post really to complain about the cost to rent a car and the length of the boarder waits to that made me decide against going to the game tomorrow. If the game was a regular season game, I would be all over taking a day off of work to catch the game, but alas I have bills to pay.
And with 4 games in a row, I couldn't bet on seeing the players I wanted to pay to go see, actually play.

So the Lightning have lost 3-1 to Ottawa tonight, their 1st of the 4 games in 4 nights that they have scheduled. As my friend on my couch points out, contrary to the Lightning website, losing 3-1 is not being edged out of a win, rather, you could say that losing 3-1 is getting beaten by the other team.

For an interesting read, though not really Lightning related, on the Heatley trade check out former Lightning GM, Jay Feaster's article in THN.

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