Friday, June 5, 2009

Let's throw Vancouver and Edmonton in the mix...

Bruce Garrioch from the Ottawa Sun is reporting that the deal for Lecavalier to the Kings for Jack Johnson (D) is still on the table. Vancouver, Edmonton and Montreal have also made calls about Lecavalier.

He is also reporting that the Lightning, who already have committed $38 million to just 17 players, are only planning on spending to the salary floor which is estimated to be at $40.5 million. Yikes, that makes signing 6 more players a little tricky...and even so, what will the ice product look like?


  1. Unfortunately the team will look much the same as this year. Lawton has been given an impossible task to get the Bolts in the playoffs without Vinny and staying under a ridiculously low salary number!

  2. So I guess spending only to the cap floor meant that they did NOT get additional investors?

    I just don't see this as progress for the franchise...

  3. The reason why Van would be interested in Vinny would be just in case the Sedins don't resign in Van...and for a trade, even though I will be devastated at the trade, they may trade Bieksa for Lecavalier...

  4. Not to be a killjoy over speculation but since when am I supposed to take Bruce G. as fact?

    To believe what he wrote and figure Lawton's been given an impossible task is treating hearsay as fact. "NHL sources" amount to smoke and mirrors.

    "I report that NHL sources have shared with me the fact that Canadian media actively help along stereotypes of sourthern market hockey teams in order to build up the Canada vs. US rivalry.

    "The source also speculated Jim Balsille will buy the Toronto Legacy for half a billion dollars before they've even been awarded, let alone play a game. This source is HIGHLY reliable!"

    It's as bad as Eklund.

  5. june 7 2004.. Game 7 Line-up Where are they Now?
    # POS. PLAYER 2008-09 TEAM
    4 C Lecavalier, Vincent Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL)
    5 D Cullimore, Jassen Florida Panthers (NHL)
    7 R Clymer, Ben Minsk Dynamo (KHL)
    8 C Cibak, Martin Sodertalje SK (Sweden)
    11 L Dingman, Chris Lightning Radio/Sun Sports Host
    13 D Kubina, Pavel Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)
    17 R Fedotenko, Ruslan Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)
    19 C Richards, Brad Dallas Stars (NHL)
    21 D Sarich, Cory Calgary Flames (NHL)
    22 D Boyle, Dan San Jose Sharks (NHL)
    25 L Andreychuk, Dave Lightning Community Representative
    26 R St. Louis, Martin Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL)
    27 C Taylor, Tim Retired
    29 L Afanasenkov, Dimitry Moscow Dynamo (KHL)
    33 L Modin, Fredrik Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL)
    35 G Khabibulin, Nikolai Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
    44 D Pratt, Nolan Khabarovsk Amur (KHL)
    47 G Grahame, John Omsk Avangard (KHL)
    55 D Sydor, Darryl Pittsburgh Penguins/Dallas Stars (NHL)
    61 L Stillman, Cory Florida Panthers (NHL)

  6. I'm not saying that everything the Canadian media is going to be the truth...but this is not the first time I've heard the rumors about Edmonton and Vancouver... I heard Edmonton back around trade deadline day and recently Vancouver just because of their Sedin scenario (which I think we will hear about the Sedin's resigning a contract before July 1st taking them out of the running)...

    but the quietness is killing me...maybe I'm grasping at whatever news possible...we'll see soon enough....