Saturday, June 27, 2009

No requirement for Lawton's decision making


Did we all just let out a little sigh of relief when Tavares went first?

Even though it would have been awesome to see the madness ensue if the Isles took Hedman, I imagine all of the phones on the Lightning table start ringing, Burkie jumping over tables and Lawton's head exploding, there was no such need for any madness last night.

In case you have been living under a rock, or in somewhere where hockey isn't a religion, like Florida** or something, the Lightning took Hedman at #2.

Mmm...that is a nice jersey on you...

The rest of the night was, well long. Did every team have to congratulate the Penguin for being the Stanely Cup Champions? Or say something in French? (I loved it for the first 10, but not so much after)...Next time, perhaps the NHL should cirulate a memo, maybe like Lawton did by e-mail, that clarifies that you should go up and say "For the [insert #] selection, the [insert team] select....[player]....." Those are now 4 hours of my life that I will never get back.

This is how you smile in front of the kids when it's joint custody day...

Please enjoy this moment Hedman, before you start your season learning names of the 527 names of players who you'll play with on your roster.

ps. pick a new number kid, because #4 is already taken

**i kid about the Florida jokes because I know there are some hockeys fans there...but just some...

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