Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lightning and Lemaire

The Lightning is apparently still interested in bringing in Lemaire as a senior consultant, but the team has yet to offer a contract or even discuss the parameters of the position. So really in other words, this is gonna take as long as Tocchet's removal of "interim".

I still don't understand why the Lightning would want to bring Lemaire in. He is known for the trap hockey that the Wild has played since he has been coaching there. Yes he has been able to get the Wild to the post season, but never far a long with the trap style. Rick Tocchet wants to play an up-tempo style next season, so what how will Lemaire help with his consultation? Maybe he can offer points about how NOT to play hockey. The only reason I think the Wild fans put up with that style for so long is that they were afraid that if they stopped buying tickets, *poof* and their team would disappear again.

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