Saturday, May 30, 2009

SCF - Penguins

So Tempocrew has been saying lately that I should have spent more time during these playoffs to talk about the team that I have been cheering for (since the Canucks have been knocked out), which was the Penguins.

That was the original plan, but then things like work, other hockey games, and the sun making its delightful appearance for the summer in Vancouver, got in the way. The Pensblog and Puck Huffers have been both doing an epic job already covering their team.

But as we are 5 hours away from puck drop, I'm getting excited for the SCF rematch...I'm glad that Bettman moved up the start date to today, otherwise I'd be sitting here writing about how lame it is to have no hockey for a week. I'm sick of Wings fans complaining that they got jobbed by the NHL starting the SCF so quickly not giving their players time to rest/heal from injury, whatever, get over it. I don't know why I have this dislike for the Wings and their fans....I just do. Their complaints do not make them more likeable.

As for Hossa...he made the right choice in signing with the Wings. From a completely unbaised view, you would have to say that he signed with a team that would give him the best chance at winning at the time, which was the Wings. The Penguins also may not have made it to the finals if they signed him and tied up all their money. If the Pens win, I can't wait to read about what tPB and the PH will write about him. And more importantly, where will he sign next year? Does he still chase after a cup, or go for the money?

I think the Penguins have a great shot at winning this year. On paper, they looked better last year. But watching them play this year, with both Crosby and Malkin clicking along...they just give me that feeling that this could be the year. Either way this should be a good series...providing the teams finish Sunday night at 1-1 a piece...

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