Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Malone to Toronto for Schenn and Kaberle?

As reported by the Toronto Sports Media, via Pension Plan Puppets, Elliotte Friedman was on the Fan 590 this morning with this to say:

Everyone in hockey is talking about this deal and thinks it will happen, Toronto’s pick, which I guess is number seven overall for Tampa’s pick which is number two overall, with Toronto taking back Ryan Malone and his lengthy hefty contract and perhaps another contract as well.

This of course is with regard to speculation of how Burke will attempt to land Tavares on Draft Day.

The Lightning sources told Darren Dreger of TSN that the only way that trace would happen is if the Leafs also throw in Luke Schenn and Tomas Kaberle into the deal.

"Tampa Bay vehemently denies this is a possibility and insists Malone is a mainstay and will patrol the wing next season with linemates Steven Stamkos and Martin St Louis." -TSN

TSN also reports that "Tampa Bay did, however, table a trade offer before the trade deadline that included Luke Schenn to the Lightning for their first round draft pick."

We'll have to see what Burke attempts to do to get his hands on Tavares and if he does, his press conference, and you can bet he'll call one, will be awesome. Can you imagine, Burkie with Toronto media surrounding him as he starts laughing and then tells the world that the world no long revolves around the sun but rather him? Or maybe it's the universe that revolves around him?

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