Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mike Smith is still not skating...

Cristodero from the St. Petersburg Times today wrote that Mike Smith is still not skating. He's been out with post-concussion syndrome over the last few months.


Somewhere in my memory I remember reading back in March, Mike Smith saying he wanting to still play the last few games of the season. It's also where we got the great quote from Lawton where he said: "The mandate is, if you're ready to go, then you're going,". So Lawton, I guess that means he wasn't ready to go then huh?

Lawton also said this week about the prospects at the 2009 combine, which is coming from a 'great' draft pick himself:
"I have this baseline that they're all good enough to do it,"

"What are those components they need to get them over the hump? What's going to separate them? To me, past history is a big part of it. ... You look for patterns in life. It's the best indicator of future success. You look for the kids who exude confidence, who have shining examples of attributes like character that will help them be successful."

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