Saturday, May 2, 2009

WHC Update

Photo from the Canadian Press. Stamkos celebrating the 2nd goal against the Czech Republic.
Team Canada:

-Canada played Slovakia on Tuesday and won 7-3, advancing in the tournament to the qualification round
-Canada played the Czech Republic on Thursday, winning 5-1. Stamkos had 2 goals and St. Louis had 1.
-Next game for Canada is against Norway on Sunday (will be on TSN if you live in Canada at 10:15)
-They will also have a game against Finland on Monday May 4th to finish up the round before the quarterfinals
-Stamkos has 5 goals so far in the tourney, tying Niko Kapanen for the tournament lead-
-St. Louis leads the tournament in points with 11 (4 goals/7assists)

-Ramo started the game against Denmark where they wont 5-1. They have then played the Czech Republic, winning 4-3 to finish up the preliminaries. In the Qualification, Finald played Slovaki and won 2-1 in OT.
-Finland's next game is against Belarus later today, followed by playing Canada on Monday

-Lost to the USA, 4-2. Won against Sweden 3-2 in a shootout. Won against Austria 2-0.
-In the qualification, they won against Switzerland 2-1 in OT and won against France 7-1
-Next game: Russia on Sunday

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