Saturday, April 11, 2009

Adopt A Playoff Team: Pittsburgh Penguins

So after giving it much thought, through process of elimination, I'm throwing this blog's support behind the Pens. I'm not attempting to bandwagon jump another team's success, but just rather make the next few weeks of the playoffs a little more interesting.

A couple of weeks ago, after the Lightning were eliminated from playoff contention, I suggested as adoption of a new team. A couple days ago, I went through the possible contendors, and today during the last game of the season for the Lightning, have decided on the Pens. Is it because they are beating the Canadiens? Oh possibly.

Is it because of the Pensblog posting a fantastic YES WE CAN sign? Quite possibly.

What are other reasons to root for them?
-Points leader and MVP (should be) Evgeni Malkin
-Sidney Crosby also has over 100 points
-the Flyers/Penguins 1st round series will be awesome
So for the playoffs, GO PENS GO!

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