Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Game 81: Washington in Tampa Preview

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Enjoy this people. This is our second to last game to watch hockey. Only one more game, and that's against the Thrashers, and we're done for the summer.

But before the boys go golfing, another game against the Caps. The last game, it was a retribution game Tocchet wanted to win. We had a huge effort in 2 periods, then decided to go home. Tonight, the Caps can clinch the second seed in the Easter Conference, in fact, they probably will. Does that bother me? Absolutely not! Just two more games to lose before the draft on Tuesday...

Caps Coach Boudreau was up in arms about the PSA that was shown at the Thrashers game. It's about Ovie's latest commercial for Eastern Motors, and why he shouldn't be acting.


  1. He was "up in arms" over it? This is HILARIOUS and so factual and I would think that Ovie himself would be in stiches seeing this

  2. I absolutely loved the video. The NHL PR team should do more like this to get the fans entertained. And Eastern Motors didn't release outtakes like these without the assumption someone was going to make fun of them, for them, it's more publicity!