Saturday, April 11, 2009

Game 82: Tampa in Atlanta Preview - Last Game of the Season!

This is it Lightning fans. The last game of the season.

It's warm outside (well yesterday was where I live), and what that means is playoff season. It's too bad the team wasn't better this year. Such high hopes we had going into the season, only to have them slowly crumble. Many things can be blamed for this season, and believe me, I have cursed management for all of them.

The Thrashers are also out of it, so this game is just a friendly. The only thing we can lose now is a possible draft pick order.

-McKenna is supposed to start today on his birthday

After this game,
-I will continue to follow the different Lightning players at the IIHF World Championships
-The Hockey Bay will also adopt a playoff team
-Will look forward to the 2009 Entry Level Draft on Tuesday
-Will hope our circus (management) trades/signs/resigns a better team
-Will look forward to next season

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