Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gainey calls Lawton & Ownership 'disgraceful'

The Globe and Mail reports that Bob Gainey says it was 'disgraceful' behavior that Lawton and the Lightning ownership group leaked the names that were involved in the trade talks the Lecavalier transaction.

"We had discussions with Tampa Bay, we had an agreement with them that I got a call early in January with a list of names from their team that they wanted to talk about, and those players ended up public because they used those names to take them to other teams to see if they could create a different trade for Vincent Lecavalier," Gainey said at his end-of-season news conference. "I think it was disgraceful that Josh Gorges and Tomas Plekanec and Chris Higgins have to read that stuff."

-Sean Gordon from the Globe and Mail

I know that Gainey is just trying to come up with excuses for his hockey team's embarrassing 100th year, but it's interesting to see that he decided to come out with this to the media.

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