Friday, April 3, 2009

$5 tickets to the Pens game if you bring a phonebook

The Tampa Bay Lightning will offer huge discounts to the Pens game on Tuesday if fans bring in an old phonebook. If you bring one to recycle, you can purchase a lowerbowl ticket for 20 bucks and an upper bowl ticket for 5 bucks!

I understand how these tough economic times need joint marketing strategies, but here's an excerpt from the Lightning website:

"The St. Pete Times Forum continues to be a community leader in recycling and energy conservation. The recycling of used phone books saves a large amount of space in harmful landfills annually."

But 5 dollars to see the Pens? They are, since the trade deadline, arguably one of the most exciting teams, this match up should sell itself. PD questions if the phonebooks are to help St. Louis reach the top of his locker.

I understand offering steep discounts for the last couple games of the season just to get bodies in seats, but did they really have to partner with a paper shredding company? The headline on the Lightning website just degrades the hockey game and the team.

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