Monday, April 13, 2009

NHL Draft Lottery

The 2009 NHL Draft Lottery will occur tomorrow. Last year TSN was able to stretch the event into a 2 hour long show, which included their playoff preview with Maggie the Monkey (who is retired this year). For those of you in the US, who don't get TSN, I am always amazed how TSN can turn a non-event like the lottery into a special that people actually watch. This year, US fans can catch the TSN broadcast by streaming it on the TSN website, the website, or on Versus at 5pm PT/8pm ET.

The Lightning ended the season 29th in the league. Which means we have a pretty good shot at landing Hedman, or Tavares if the Islanders don't "win" the lottery.

So how does it work? The top 5 worst teams in the draft picking will have a shot at the 1st draft pick. They each get allocated a certain % chance of "winning the lottery".

1. Islanders have a 48.1% chance
2. Lightning have 18.8%
3. Avalanche have 14.2%
4. Thrashers have 10.7%
5. Coyotes have 8.1%

Results will be posted after it occurs.

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