Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lecavalier is done for the season


Stick a fork in him, Vinny's done for the season. He will be flying to Philly tomorrow for an arthroscopic surgery on his right wrist. This was originally scheduled for last year, but didn't happen because of his shoulder injury. Management had downplayed his wrist pain all season, but with only 5 games left, he's getting the work done. It is supposed to be done to clean up cartilage that has been hurting him.

“Obviously it is disappointing that Vinny will not be able to finish the season, but we feel that it is in both his and the team’s best interest to have the wrist operated on now,” Lawton said. “Vinny has been battling this injury all season and I really can’t say enough about his ability to play through the pain and discomfort.” -Lawton on the Tampa Bay Lightning website

Lawton also said that it was only re-aggravated this past week. I think we Tampa fans know better than to believe that it only bothered him now.

After the surgery, Vinny will be in a cast for two weeks, then be back on the ice using a stick in four to six weeks. This will take him out of playing for Team Canada in Switzerland, but will be back in time for training camp next season, and Canada's Olympic Camp in Calgary. Having the surgery done now will give him extra time to rehab the wrist for next season.

-The Lightning website posts that the surgery was successful

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