Saturday, April 4, 2009

LIghtning 1, Islanders 3 - Bolts LOSE

The Bolts lost their 6th game in a row. They are still sitting with 66 points. Whew, 28th in the standings. Truthfully, this was the outcome that I was hoping for. I didn't catch this game, well because when two crappy teams play each other, no one is going to broadcast it. I did watch the domination of the Canadiens over the Leafs however.

Things of note from the game:
-Pettinger got the only goal for the Lightning on the powerplay
-For once, the Bolts outshot the opposing time (the worst team in the league) 30 to 21, but clearly couldn't capitalize on their shots

During the Bruins/Rangers game Avery hits Thomas on the head, and Thomas just comes after him, watch the video:

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