Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lawton and Management Answer to Fans

Before the Ottawa Senators game on Sunday, Brian Lawton and Oren Koules took an hour during their Fan Appreciation Day, to speak with some "specially selected" fans. I think by specially selected, they meant season ticket holders who haven't yet renewed their tickets for next year. OK Hockey tried to step up and show accountability.

Not much has been said about how they answered their questions, or what was actually asked. A 'news' article was up on the Tampa Bay Lightning website today, but clearly was posted by management, so some nice media spin on it.

Lawton hopes to bring to the team: aggressiveness paired with a high IQ, and to strengthen the D. Tocchet the other day said he wanted guys who "push back", which are great ideas, but how we will achieve all this in the off season waits to be seen.

They also say that we are not in the rebuild phase. I think they realize they can't sell 'rebuilding' to Tampa fans like the Kings or the Leafs are able to.

I would love to hear what questions and what answers were actually said during this 1 hour session, but I haven't been able to find out much about it.

Although I'm pretty sure it wasn't this (spun by the Lightning writers):
"After answering every question with honesty, gratitude, and even a touch of humor, Lawton and Koules thanked everyone in the crowd for attending and listening to the organization’s blueprints for success, while also sharing their thoughts and feelings about the team."
-from the Tampa Bay Lightning website

-Len Barrie was not part of the Q&A. I've heard some rumors about a possible falling apart between Barrie and Koules, but again they are just rumors. Barrie I'm sure is dealing with economic housing crisis as is everyone else in that market and the fact that his team sucking the first year didn't help their relationship. I don't think he skipped out on the Q&A, but rather didn't want to stir up trouble while Koules and Lawton tried to answer to the fans about the terrible season.

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