Saturday, October 31, 2009

Game 11: NJ in Tampa

Dear NHL schedule makers,

The 3pm ET start time doesn't really work for me. Not on a Saturday. It's a bit too much, um in the middle of my freakin day?

It's a good thing that it's only the New Jersey Devils playing today, since they have to be my least favorite team to watch. They are winning 1-0 and the shot total at the end of the 2nd period is 28-9 for the Devils. Yes, 28-9. It sounded worse earlier when it was 20-4.

Maybe the Lightning are a little confused as well about this early start time?
I bet it's a nice day in St. Petersburg today and they are thinking that maybe a nice slushy beverage is in order.

I love my Lightning, but boys it's a nice day outside on the west coast and I can't justify listening to you play a boring hockey team on the radio. Especially when it is not raining outside. Maybe you can make a comeback in the 3rd period, I'll be happy if you do. If not, let's just save up your energy and um play better on Monday ok?

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