Friday, October 23, 2009

Game 9: Buffalo in Tampa Preview

Did you watch Flashpoint last night?

One of the characters was named Ryan Malone. I don't know what this has to do with tonight's game, but I thought that was pretty cool. What else is cool? Flashpoint has Amy Jo Johnson in it. She used to be the pink power ranger. So cool (you know it is, don't deny it).

Oh this is a hockey preview, I'm sorry, back to your regular programming:

The Lightning have come off of a strong team effort against the Sharks on Thursday night. It's amazing what 60 minutes of (pretty) solid play can do for your faith in a team. Tonight is baby step number two, really, it's the chance the Lightning have to show that Thursday night wasn't a one shot deal.
So tonight, the we welcome the Buffalo Sabres!

Their logo looks like a slug.

There are even a website, aptly named 'Sabres, Not Slugs'. They even have a section called Hate the Logo Haiku. I think that's pretty fantastic.

Enemy Blog
: Check out Vance's blog Double Edged Sabres
, he's one of the writers for the always hilarious Bangin Panger

Buffalo has been a team that, well has been acting a little like Colorado or Phoenix lately, they've been winning games, even though you don't really expect them too. They are one of those teams that are just there, like they may or may not make the playoffs any given year, but never seem to get better as a team. Kinda reminds me of the Leafs.

I didn't expect Buffalo to be any good, but their record surprises me, as they are 5-1-1 so far. I do have Ryan Miller on my fantasy team so I haven't complained so far about his great play. He is 13-3-0 with a 2.79 GAA in his 16 career starts against the Lightning. But tonight, that really has to stop.

Last game Mike Smith got his first win of the season and he'll be
back in net again tonight. St. Louis has a 8 game point streak going that I hope to see continue. Malone has has 6 goals in the last 5 games, and the crazy statistic is that he has an accuracy rate of 29.2% on his shots.

And of course, Vinny still hasn't scored his 1st goal of the season, do you think he is a bit overdue? Tocchet has some nice words for him after last game: “I think this was Vinny’s most solid game of the year,”, “I don’t care that he didn’t score, he was very solid.” I think the scoring will come. Like he's gonna score 3 goals in one night, and we're all just gonna forget about even having had this discussion. Relax people, the goals will come.

Not quite as cool as when the Staals play against each other, and that's just because they have their own drinking game, but Ryan Miller will play against his brother Drew Miller tonight. Drew, 25 is the younger of the two, as Ryan is 29. Warm fuzzy story about their them growing up can be found here.

Line-up Notes
  • Mike Smith is starting tonight
  • David Hale gets to start on D again
  • Kurtis Foster is scratched from the game
Game time: 7:30pm ET. Updates to follow if they happen.

No recap of this game, because I'll be watching the Tronna vs Vancouver game instead. Head over to Raw Charge for a recap if you want a good one. Vancouver clearly has no say in their own local start time because when the center of the universe wants their game at 7pm ET, well then, they get it. 4pm start time, in my own city. Blasphemy!

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