Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lightning 1, Hurricanes 1 - Bolts LOSE

Today's recap is brought to you by NHL GameCenter.

This screen shot is similar to what I saw when I got home today from work to catch the game, but sub in "No feed available" instead of the score in the middle of the page.

$&%#@%$ GameCenter! The NHL themselves tell me there is "no feed available", just shows you how much they care about these markets. Aparently there was no feed available locally for fans either. Thus, no detailed recap.

Here's what you get: Jokinen scored for Carolina in the 1st. Malone scored in the 2nd. Overtime solved nothing. Lightning lost in the shootout. We walked away with our first point in the season.

Next games is our season opener in Tampa against the Devils.

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