Monday, October 19, 2009

Wright's Promotion, and Chamber Luncheon Pics

Tocchet said that Tanguay and Lecavalier needed to get "uglier". What he means is that Lecavalier and Tanguay can't keep wanting to get great goals, sometimes the goals are going to be garbage goals. Right now, the top line, which is now Lecavalier, St. Louis and Wright need to get any goals, pretty or ugly.

James Wright is 19 years old, and 7 games
in to his NHL career, gets to be on a line with Lecavalier and St. Louis. Great quote from him in the Times today:
"Wearing the same jersey as them is pretty special," Wright said. "And to be on the same line as them is awesome."

The Lightning have two more games to decide if Wright will remain with the Lightning or be sent back down to the juniors to play for the Vancouver Giants. He's so new to this, he can't cash a cheque yet from the Lightning because he doesn't have a social security number yet. His second great quote today on how he is getting by without a paycheck:

"I got a loan from my parents," he said. "Zero percent interest rate."

Love this kid.

And from the Chamber Luncheon today, enjoy the photos:
Players checking out photos in the locker room before the cha... on Twitpic

And my favorite baby Swede:

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