Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lightning news, well not really news

It's been a little dull in the Lightning world since Saturday. Here's some newsy things about Saw VI, Oren Koules and James Wright:

Saw VI

Losing the #1 spot at the box office to Paranormal,
Saw VI opened this past weekend in the #2 spot to a weak $14.8 million, which is a drop from the average $30 million openings for Saw II through V. But don't feel bad for Koules/Lionsgate or anything, the film only cost $11 million to make, so they'll see a profit. If you think this means the end for the Saw franchise, think again, it's already in pre-production for Saw VII.

Oren Koules

Q. Besides the Saw franchise, do you know what else Oren Koules is the exec producer for?

A. Two and a Half Men

No one talks about Two and a Half Men, only about Saw, which makes me wonder why. Anyways, so besides being busy during the opening weekend of Saw VI, he also threw an after party for Saw VI
at his wife's newly opened restaurant "Wonderland". I like how he keeps the money in the family, which would make him the type of guy that would give out tickets to Lightning to his friends for Christmas (this may or may not be true).

Will he stay or will he go?

Thursday night's game is the 10th game of the season, which means that if the Lightning don't intend to keep Wright, then they would be sending him back to juniors before he plays his 10th game. Once he does play it, no matter how many games he ends up playing going forward, he is able to count one year of pro hockey played out of his 3 year entry contract, which will affect his FA status in the future.

Even if he plays his 10th game, the Lightning can still send him back down, but clubs rarely do.
But from what I've read, which really hasn't been much, it seems like he will be staying.

Tocchet says that he expects to have Wright in the lineup for Thursday. Some gushing words from the coach:

"He's 19 but you wouldn't know it," Tocchet said. "He's a very mature kid. It's a credit to his family and his parents, he's such a mature kid. He doesn't get too high or too low, that's what I like about him. He's wide-eyed on the bench, and I'm telling you he's been a pleasure to coach."

Wrighter says he would be excited about staying:
"If that's true, then I'd be ecstatic," Wright said of staying past nine games. "It's something coming to camp, you know it's a long shot, but it's something I've been waiting for. I've been working hard the whole time to try to stick with the A group."

I don't know if keeping Wright will hurt the Lightning in the long run, burning through the 1st year of his contract this fast, but the question for the Lightning should be:
Will Wright gain anything from being sent back down to play in the juniors? Or is the NHL the best option?

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