Monday, November 2, 2009

Could Vinny be dropped from Team Canada?

Haven't heard much about it yet, but the thought has crossed my mind a few times. I know I'll be buying some Team Canada apparel for the Olympics in a few weeks and I would lean towards Lecavalier if it was player specific, but I do have a small fear that Lecavalier could be dropped from the team...It's not a big fear, but a small one (right now) and I think I would be heartbroken if he was.

This topic will come up more as Steve Yzerman will be at the Lightning/Leafs game tomorrow to scout out Lecavalier, St. Louis and Stamkos (as reported by the Globe and Mail, via St. Petersburg Times). Yzerman is expected to announce his roster sometime between Christmas and New Years.

I know Yzerman will choose players based suited to give the team the best chance of winning, it makes me wonder, and at what point would Lecavalier get dropped? How many more games of no goals will it take to have another player who is played well right now slide in to his place?

Mike Brophy first brought this up a couple of weeks ago questioning Lecavalier's slow start, and I just brushed it off thinking that in time, the goals would come (and well Brophy is not high on my list of opinions that I care about). And I know the goals will come, but since there are so few spots available and so much great talent, I hope that Lecavalier lights up the lamp in a hurry.

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