Sunday, November 22, 2009

Game 21: Tampa in Atlanta Preview

Guh. What a lack of effort yesterday. We lost to the second worst team in the league, who is missing a goalie and E Staal. Let's forget about it.

Enemy blog: Pay your respect to Laura at Wazzupwitchu for some Thrashers love

When the NHL designed schedule, did they say to themselves: "gee, no one will care about this game, so let's just stick it on a Sunday afternoon and not televise it". Well if they wanted people not to care about the game, I think they've achieved what they were looking to do.

So even though this game may not seem to even matter, it does. The Lightning look better in the standings than they have been playing due to the 7 points they've picked up from their OT losses. The loss last night against Carolina was really 4 points because the Hurricanes are in the same division as the Lightning and tonight the Lightning are in the same situation with the Thrashers.

Line-up Notes:
  • Niitymaki is in net
  • Mattias Ohlund is out with a lower body injury
  • Mike Lundin 'should play' according to Tocchet
Game time: 5pm ET, no tv feed, but you can listen to it on 970 WLFA if you have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon.

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