Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lightning 5, Rangers 1 - Bolts WIN

When we were up 4-0 going into the 3rd, and I started to get nervous. You'd think being up 4-0 you wouldn't be nervous, but I was. It comes from the repeated times that the Lightning can have a lead, then somehow lose all composure, blow the lead, and end up losing in overtime.

But we didn't.

And Lundqvist got pulled. He gave up 4 goals on 22 shots.

Things just kinda went our way in this game. Great team effort.
  • St. Louis had 3 assists
  • Stamkos got another goal (#16)
  • Kurtis Foster went from no goals up until a week ago, to 3 goals, this may not seam like a lot, but that the same amount that he got for the Wild during the whole 06/07 season

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