Sunday, November 1, 2009

Game 12: Tampa in Philly Preview

Lookout! It's everyone's favorite mancrush!

Why is the game early today?

Flyers have moved the game time to 5pm in an effort to remove any potential conflict that the game would have had with the World Series. Baseball. Can't really say I care about baseball, so this is an annoyance to me because now I can't watch the game tomorrow.

The Lightning have not won a road game yet. They have been outscored 18-6 and have a road record of 0-3-1. Those stats are not pretty.

Mike Smith will be in goal tonight as opposed to having Niitymaki start against his old team. Philly has been 6-4-1 so far in the season but has been a little inconsistent. They also have Simon Gagne and Danny Briere out with groin injuries.

The Lightning may have a chance as long as this game doesn't go to a shootout. They may also need to decide to show up to the game unlike Saturday afternoon.

The Lightning come off a light schedule of games that they've had for the last 2 weeks and begin a 4 game roadtrip that will occur over the next 6 days. They need to take advantage of the Flyers and their injuries early in the game, so that they don't get silenced by the difficult crowd in Philadelphia. Crowd-wise, this will be a tough roadtrip as the Lightning as they face the Flyers, Leafs, Senators and finish off with the Habs for HNIC on Saturday.

Line-up Notes
Game time: 5:00pm ET on SUN

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