Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adopting A Playoff Team

Now everyone here in Lightningland knows that the Lightning are not making the playoffs. We've been eliminated as of March 3rd. That's over a month ago. Now we have had the pleasure of trying to be spoilers, or at least trying when we are already down 3 goals in the 1st period. But, let's not complain about this season anymore.

I don't stop following hockey just because my team is out of the playoffs, but I have been feeling this blog will need to adopt a team to cheer for. There are some teams, that no matter how hard I try, I can't cheer for, so in the next couple of days, I will go through my list, and through process of elimination will find a team to adopt. Suggestions are welcome.

Of course I will follow the team members of the Lightning who will go to the 2009 Men's World Hockey Championship in Switzerland (more on this in the future). This is only an temporary adoption, not a lifetime commitment. There's still a few more days to finalize spots 7 and 8 in both Conferences, so at least we can start with the eliminations. But back to rules to the adoptions.

Now as my About Me says, I also follow the Canucks. I am not making them the team that THB will follow by default just because I like them, though I think they are a great choice.


1. No rival teams - That takes the Caps, Hurricanes and possibly the Panthers out of the running. But is there a real rivalry between us and the Panthers, or Canes for that matter, except that they are in the SE division? I personally wouldn't mind to see the Panthers in the playoffs, if only just for the rats.

2. No teams that we love to hate - Rangers, Flyers. No and no.

Teams that are already out of the running:
1. New York Rangers - Even if this team has former Lightning coach Torterella, there is no way I can cheer for them, something about it is morally wrong, see above.
2. Detroit - They are already expected to win the cup thus would be a team that casual fan would cheer for just cause they are a safe bet, so no.
3. New Jersey - No. Just no. I can't get into their games, comparable to a Wild game, even if the Devils have Parise.
4. Calgary - The Canuck fan in me veto's this one

Possible teams? Perhaps we should throw our support under...Boston? Pittsburgh? San Jose? CBJ? Edmonton? Chicago? Canucks? Montreal? St. Louis?

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