Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lightning 2, Canadiens 3 - Bolts LOSE

Another overtime loss tonight. Ramo was a god tonight and really was the reason the score isn't Lightning 0, Canadiens 20. This game was penalty city for the Lightning. 9 penalties taken by the Lightning, and Montreal, well they had 2. The refs clearly were making it easy for the home team.

Montreal outshot the Lightning 36 to 19, but that's pretty misleading. It was the Ramo show tonight.

The Lightning got two goals in the third from Koci and Krajicek to tie up the game and send it to OT. It would have been sweet to be steal the two points from the Canadiens, would those have been the 2 points that made them miss the playoffs? We'll never know, because we didn't steal both of the points. We ended up with a useless point.

No time to cry about it, the Lightning are catching the late flight to Washington where we rematch the Caps tomorrow.

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