Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lightning 3, Thrashers 4 - Bolts LOSE

The Lightning lose another game in the shootout. They've lost a lot of games in the shootout. It's been a trend.

The first period was penalty city. Hooking. Hooking. Hooking. It was like the Lightning were like cheap prostitutes being round up by the refs. They threw a tripping one in there just for good measure.

Stamkos comes back in the 2nd with 2 huge goals. Even Steven. Two PP goals, one from Kovalchuck and one from Prospal. The radio guys were discussing the merits about Prospal borrowing an s from Karsums, so they can call him Prospals. Retards.

We are tied 3-3 going into the third. Nothing happens.

And we go to a shootout. You know this isn't a good thing. What are the chances of winning, like 1 in 10. Hedberg stones all three Tampa shooters. Kozlov gets the only goal for the Thrashers.

-Stamkos got 2 more goals...number 17 and 18 baby
-Lashoff has 4 points in 3 games
-We have dropped 9 out of the last 11 games against the Thrashers. We have one more to go in the season. During the summer we are going to need to learn how to beat them, you can't get into the playoffs if you suck this much against the Thrashers.

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