Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lightning 4 v. Panthers 3 - Bolts WIN!!!

Hell may have frozen over. Quite literally. It is March 15th, it's snowing outside of my window, and, wait for it....the Lightning have won 2 in a row!

What a game last night. Albeit I didn't watch it. I was fed text message updates as I was drinking beer at 4 in the afternoon. Sadly, there was no green beer, while spending much of the night at a Newfie pub, I did get to listen to some entertaining singing. If you have never been to a Newfie pub, well, it's an acquired taste. Much of the night you will drink beer and slap your hands on a table as you listen to a band play far too loud songs about drinking and going out to sea.

1st period, Frolik scores off of a pass from David Booth 15 minutes in. The Panthers ended the 1st outshooting the Bolts 15-5. Disgusting.

2nd period, after a hooking called to Krajicek, Booth gets a power play goal. A minute later, Murphy scores against his old team while on the PP, which is his 5th of the season. The Panthers are still outshooting us, so far 26-12.

3rd period. Booth get's his 2nd goal of the night. Who is this guy and how does he have 26 goals?
This guy was all over the ice last night, he almost got a hat trick and made a nice defensive play in overtime.

I get a text message from a friend saying that with 6 minutes left, not really much hope, the cats were leading 3-1. I drank more beer. From the highlights, Krajicek makes robs some Panther of a goal by swatting the puck out. Later on, Martin St. Louis deflected Krajicek's shot, GOAL! Just like that we're back in the game. 3 minutes later, Petiot, who, has not played in the NHL in 3 years, passes the puck to (the overpaid) Halpern and he buries it! TIE GAME!

This game goes into overtime, which solves nothing.

It moves to a shootout and Stamkos beats Vokoun on his backhand for the game winner. YEAH!

Now I know I should not be getting carried away, but since January, this is the first time the team has won 2 in a row, I'll take that win. And truthfully I do want to see the Panthers in the playoffs, at least more than I want to see the Rangers, but they'll have to get their points elsewhere.

The comeback in the 3rd was like the Pens game from earlier against Ottawa, you can't count out the team till the end. Tocchet must go crazy to see his team give up 3 goals, and then try to scratch back in the 3rd. If he had hair, he's be losing it. I wish I saw a little more consistancy with the team. They show they can play well, but only after then are losing going into the 3rd.

Cassie at the Bolts Blog is calling this the best that the Lightning have played, that's saying a lot. Wished I could have caught this one. Meow....the cats lose...

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