Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lightning vs the Hurricanes - Bolts Lose

Lightning 3 - Hurricanes 9

"I feel bad for the them (the fans)"

Can you get rid of 21 guys in one night? Team Stinker. Embarrassing. These are all the things that Tocchet said during the post-game press conference. He then said that some of the team is out of shape and he would subject the whole team to off ice workouts. Everyday. Until he pretty much feels like it.

Now this isn't quite throwing your team under a bus like what Michel Therrien loved to do. His were classic. But this was close.

No recap on the game for 2 reasons. 1. It sucked. 2. I couldn't find a broadcast of the game, so spent the time instead watching the Oilers beat the Leafs.

I would love it if the Lightning would podcast their games like other teams do, so if I miss them, I can always catch them later. I live in the West, so I'm always on the way home from work when the games start, thus I'm always missing the 1st period.

During the cbc hotsotve I checked the scores. Had a little laugh about CBJ beating Detroit 8-1. Then realized that was the exact same score was in the Lightning game. What a blowout.

Now I understand that winning at this time in the season, is not good for our draft picking order, but to give your home crowd a 9-3 loss? If the lightning post another loss like this they will continue to lose fans.

Perhaps if you go to a game where the Lightning are being beaten 9 to something you should take a cue from the Oilers fans and start chanting "We want 10". And then cheer when the away team scores. Just a thought.

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