Friday, March 6, 2009

Meet The New Guy: Martins Karsums

Inspired by the KB's amusing series of better known as a newbie, I thought we should take a look at the new guy that we've traded for.

Today's New Guy: Martins Karsums #83

The Beginning: Was drafted #64th by the Boston Bruins in 2004 in the 2nd round. He left Latvia and played in the QMJHL for Moncton Wildcats until 2006. He won the Guy Lafleur trophy during the 2006 playoff run for MVP. He then played for the Bruins' AHL affiliate in Providence for two seasons. This year he has played for the Bruins for, count them, 6 games! So far he's not no goals, 1 assist and is a -3. But he did put up 41 points in 43 games played in the AHL this year, so he is a promising forward.

How much does he cost? $825, 000 and he's an RFA this year.

What will he bring? Born February 26, 1986 in Riga, USSR (now Latvia). He's 5' 10" and 198 Pounds. He's a right wing forward.

How did he get here? Came to Tampa with Matt Lashoff in the trade for Mark Recchi.

Interesting Facts?

You spell his name like: Mārtiņš
-He gets points for having not 1, not 2, but 3 accents!
He's not much more interesting than that.

Really I tried.

Besides the face that both of his names are plural.

He probably got made fun of a lot for that growing up.
Much like having two first names, especially when they sounds like girl first names, ie. Jody Shelley of the SJ Sharks. So it could have been worse Martins.
Possible Nicknames?
1. The possum - His name kinda sounds like a possum

Feel free to add more nicknames in the comments. I feel like there should be more, but it may take tonights game and a couple of beers to help contribute.

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