Friday, March 13, 2009

Game 69: Tampa at Florida Preview

The cats are in a playoff race, and this game is huge to them.

They currently have 77 points, and sit in 9th spot. They are 1 point back from the Rangers and the Hurricanes, and although I would prefer to see the Panthers in the playoff instead of either of those teams, I still don't want it to be against our team that they do that.

The enemy blog:
Litter Box Cats

The Panthers need to make the playoffs. They haven't been in the playoffs since 2000, during which we've won a cup and also have dropped to the worse team in the league. They need this playoffs or their fanbase might revolt.

According to stastistics from
this, the Panthers have the lowest amount of fans watching their games. The KB did some calculations and came up with this: 2,320 out of 1,546,920 households watch the games on tv. Um, more people go to the games than watch them for free on tv. So maybe they don't have a fanbase.

They are also selling playoff tickets, and if they don't make it, you get to go to 4 games against GOOD teams, for
FREE next year.

They are 34-25-9 so far this season, I hesitate about putting up our stats, but we all know how bad we've played, so we're 22-32-14. Currently the Panthers have been 3-1-1 so far in our season series. This is the last game we have against them this season. The last time we lost 4-3.

This game is like a Panthers reunion. Half of our defence is played there: Noah Welch, Cory Murphy and Lukas Krajicek. We also will get to play against Eminger for the first time since the trade.

Whatever. I'm going to think positive. Stamkos has had 8 points in his last games. The Panthers have lost the last 2 games. We haven't posted 2 consecutive wins since mid January, but I'm hoping tomorrow will be the night to replace that stat.

If we don't, well I hope the green beer will numb the loss. Only on St. Patrick's day will I drink green beer or go out to the bar at 4pm. Recap tomorrow. Go Bolts!

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