Saturday, March 21, 2009

Game 72: Atlanta at Tampa Preview

The Thrashers have been on a little bit of a tear as the season winds down.

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Both of our teams are out of the playoffs. The Thrashers are sitting at 64 points, and us at 61. No one actually wants points at this point in the season, but that's no reason not to play. After all the hoopla from last game, I'd like to see a good game tonight. So far this season, we've been split so far in wins and losses at 2-2-0.

Even though we are out of the playoffs, this is a good game for the young guys. It's like an open audition, show up, have some talent, play with some heart, and then maybe you can play next season. I just wish Tocchet wouldn't play his big guys so much, maybe a little reduction in minutes to give the young guys a chance would do the whole team some good, but I'm not going to get into that here.

The Thrashers were on fire in March, with a record of 6-3-0. Their GM putting on a happy face, though inside secretly angry that they were ruining their draft number. They are tired tonight, after being spanked by Detroit 6-3, so a win tonight during the Fan Appreciation DAYS that the Lightning are holding would be a nice way to cap off the night. Even if we win, we are still behind the Thrashers in points, and they have a game in hand.

Look out for Stamkos tonight, after the Caps game, he's up to 16 goals on the season. Can he make the push to 20 in the remaining season? Would that make him a late season ballot for the Calder?

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