Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tampa Bay 8 - Calgary 6

This is not a joke.

The Lightning lit up Calgary 8 to 6.

The Flamers tried to throw a party for Iginla, and ended up getting burned. I don't have a good recap of the game as I was not able to get a feed to watch this game. Instead I'm listening now to the Fan 960 trying to explain what exactly happened in Calgary tonight. They were stunned by this game, just stunned.

The first period from the highlights that I saw was pretty tame. Artyukhin starts off the scoring, then Iginla answers back on the PP.

The second period is where it got interesting. There was 7 goals in the 2nd period. Goals from St. Louis, Lecavalier, Stamkos and Prospal, with goals coming against from Conroy, Cammalleri and Lundmark. This was ridiculous. I cannot believe I missed this.

The third period was no different. Goals from Malone, Lecavalier and an empty netter from St. Louis. Iginla and Bertuzzi try to answer back in the 3rd, but it made no difference.

The fan960 is saying "I can't believe Iginla had 5 points tonight and we lost". Calgary also blew a 2 goal lead. They are chocking it up to an odd ball game.

Kipper was awful. He was pulled, and McElhinney, who has played what 5 games this year? But it made no difference. The flames are trying to forget about this game.

Other thoughts on tonights game:
-Mistake the starting goalie, McKenna played tonight.

-The defensive play was down again on this game. Back up to letting on 39 night shots on goal.

-3 PP goals, then again 3 goals let in on the PK

-Stamkos notched goal number 13

-Must have felt good for Tocchet to get a win against his former coach Iron Mike Keenan

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