Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Game 70: Toronto in Tampa - Bolts LOSE

Brian Burke and Co made an appearance in Tampa today. Bring on the press conferences!

The day started out as usual. Pre-game skate. Grabovski gets in a fight with his own team...


So for the second time this month (second???), Grabovski and Blake get in an altercation. Today's took place during their practice before the game tonight. Grabovski hit's Blake in the back and then a scrum ensues....see the Toronto Sun for the whole article. At first I though it was a bit of a joke, but after reading it, it makes me question Grabovski. Does this guy not understand that you don't hurt your own player? Hitting him in the back during practice? I understand that during practices, frustrations do arise. It can help a team when it challenges a team or player to play better, but I don't know what to think of this guy, but I don't imagine that helps his team in any way.

The Lightning went up 3-0 early in the second periord. Starting with a goal on the PP by Lecavalier in the 1st, then two quick goals 10 seconds apart in the 2nd by Stamkos and Pettinger.

Stralman get's a clean hit on Lecavalier. Lecavalier doesn't like this too much, so decides to slash him, then tries to pick up a fight with Stralman. Kubina steps in to quiet things down. Nothing comes of it, and Kubina stepped in at the right time. I thought the check was clean, but I also understand Lecavalier slash. It is good to see that this didn't turn into more than just a minor penalty as some clean hits seem to elicit these days.

Late the 2nd Mitchell gets a goal for the Leafs. Now this is all good heading into the intermission, the Lightning are up 3-1.

Intermission (The Lightning fall apart)

Jason Blake scores in the opening of the 3rd through Ramo's 5 hole, it's now 3-2. The Lightning fights off a penalty, in fact they fought off all 5 penalties that they took this game. Jeff Hamilton ties up the game for the Leafs. They then get two power plays during the end of the 3rd, but can't get the go ahead goal. This game will go to overtime, Ramo makes some huge saves. It doesn't matter, we move to the shoot out.

St. Louis has a nice spin-o-rama, but hits the post!

Lecavalier has a great goal on Cujo...and it reminds me why I appreciate hockey...

The shootout goes to 6 shooters each team, and in the end Mitchell ends it for the Leaf's. The cheer from the rink sounded like the Lightning were playing in the ACC instead of being in Tampa. Man those Leaf fans travel well (almost as well as Hab fans)..

-Lashoff played his first game with the Lightning
-Cory Murphy got a lower body injury, and missed the 3rd period
-The Lightning let on 39 shots on net...ouch.
-The Lightning only got 22 shots on Cujo

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