Monday, March 30, 2009

Game 77: Tampa in Beantown

The Lightning start a 3 game roadtrip in Boston tomorrow. After Saturday's dismal performance, I hope the guys show up for the game tomorrow night. It's located at 100 Legends Way, just in case they forgot.

Something positive? The Lightning won the last time they played beantown. That's right. On February 22, we won a game against Boston. Recchi also scored that night, but this time around, he's playing on the other team. Also meeting their old team is Lashoff and Karsums, so we should hopefully see a good effort from them against their old team.

-Bochenski was called up last game, and Koci became a defenseman last game against the Senators. I don't know what we'll see tomorrow, or if the roster will look the same. Bochenski was the 49th player to dress for the Lightning this year.

-Lawton and OK spent an hour answering questions from hundred former season ticket holders. I'd like to hear what was said during that.

Tocchet quotes: “This is not going to happen next year. We’re going to make sure we play smart, tough hockey.”

"I'm just from the old school. When you get pushed around, you have to push back," Tocchet said. "We're accepting when guys on the other team are agitating and making a push. We need guys to push back. I'm not talking about dropping the gloves, just playing good, clean, tough hockey. Be abrasive. We need abrasive players on this team. We need guys lively on the bench, not just sitting there." -quote from DC

-I don't know if Tocchet realizes what his bench looks like, or the fact that we are at the end of the season. Maybe we should move on from criticizing what roster that isn't on the IR and just have fun playing hockey. Looking forward to next year and roster changes will happen during the summer.

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