Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fan Appreciation DAYS...

Notice the s at the end of days....not just fan appreciation night, no, in Tampa we have DAYS.

During the final four home games, starting March 24 against CBJ, the Lightning will have their fan appreciation days. They will play:

CBJ - Tuesday March 24
Senators - Sunday March 29
Penguins - Tuesday April 7
Caps - Thursday April 9

You know those last two are going to be good. It's too bad they don't fall on a weekend.

The promo of the event goes like this:
-All players will walk a red carpet into the rink 3 hours before the game
-Live bands in the plaza
-FanZone tent - kids can make Carrie Underwood signs for the Senators game, make that Hillary Duff signs too
-A charity raffle for jersey's off the players backs
-Thunderbug's ATV to be raffled off

Now what is the best part I read?
$2 beers and $1 hotdogs!!!! Oh wait, there is also free popcorn, peanuts or cotton candy...and rubix cubes!

Ok, I'm getting a little excited. I don't think you really need to give rubix cubes away to children, do you want to distract them from the fact that the Lightning might lose 3 out of the 4 games? Or distract them from the KO that Malone will lay down some fire stick dancing player? Maybe that was Bettman's suggestion, so that he didn't have to explain to the kids what went on.

Now, where I'm from, $2 beers don't exist. Hell, neither do $1 hotdogs. I pay $8.25 for beer in a sippy cup. And last time I got hotdogs, for 2 premiums hotdogs, and a water I paid, 18 bucks, no joke.

I actually like this show by the management, it's great for the kids and this is one of the last things the current ticket holders will think of as we head into the off season.

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