Friday, March 13, 2009

Roberts took Stamkos under his Wing

So I was reading the Globe and Mail today. Normally I don't read their sports articles, though they writers are not bad when on radio, but today there was a neat article that was published. After last night's win over the Leaf's, the centre of the universe had a little bitching about the reffing last night. I would love to know what Wilson said to get him tossed out of the game last night. But anyways, if you keep reading the article passed their bitching about 'tomfoolery", they had a neat story about the friendship between Gary Roberts and Steven Stamkos.

Apparently Roberts was at the game last night, he lives just outside of Toronto, and was watching from the press box. Roberts took Stamkos under his wing, they were roommates during the first roadtrip in Prague, and according to the article, Roberts frequently took Stamkos out for dinner. He also plans to keep in contact with Stamkos during the summer to help him along.

Pretty cool of Robert's to be able to help Stamkos through the early part of the season, especially when the marketing of Stamkos came down on him hard. Unlike Crosby, who after being built up after the draft had a decent rookie year, Stamkos' rookie season has been more like Vinny's first year. If you remember, Vinny was called the Michael Jordan of hockey, and in his first year, well Michael Jordan he was not. Now that we see Stamkos on a line with St. Louis and some goals start coming for him, you can see the confidence building with every game. If the team had been in a playoff run, his recent goal scoring would be a bigger story. His record is even better than Vinny's for his rookie year even though the season is not over yet. Doesn't that make you excited to see what he will do next season?

For the full article, click here.

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