Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Game 71: Washington in Tampa Preview

They are 1st in the SE division, and Ovechkin and the Caps are making a visit to Tampa tomorrow.

The enemy blog:
Japer's Rink
A View from the Cheap Seats

We haven't won against the Caps in 9 games. Looking at the stats for the two teams, they have almost double the number of wins. Their PK isn't must better than ours, 21 vs. 23, but what stands out is their power play, they are 2nd compared to our 18th ranked PP. They are 1st in the division, and we are last.

This game is gonna be a battle. The Caps are not as good right now as they were before January, but that don't mean to say that they aren't good now. They are still winning games, and then ever so often, have some weird upset like the one that the Trashers laid on them Monday. But if you look at the shots on goal for both teams, Lehtonen was was unbelievable.

Cheap Seats think the Caps "play down" to weaker teams, so we'll have to see what this means for the Lightning.

Last time we played, which was on Valentine's Day, Mike Green made NHL history scoring in his 8th straight game.

I'm a little conflicted about how I feel about winning games at this point in the season. We're 5 points ahead of the Islanders, sitting at 61 points, but now have 3 other teams sitting at 64 teams. I'm not saying to throw the game, I still want to see a good game, but I am a little conflicted about getting points.

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