Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Game 74: Tampa in Montreal Preview

Montreal may have picked a bad year to have their 100 Year Anniversary or maybe they picked a bad team. A team with no heart. But at least they know how to party.

You know these pictures are coming...

And Price knows how to smoke, SO well, that he can smoke 3 cigarette's at a time!

That guy on the left with the neon t-shirt looks like a tool. Where did he get a shirt like that?

More FANTASTIC photos can be found on JT Utah's site 25Stanley (credit to him for the 1st pic, and most likely the 2nd too)

The Habs are having some issues. Fighting to get into the playoffs.

Gainey has already fired the coach. The crowd during the Leaf's game on Saturday night was chanting "Carbonneau!" Can he admit this was the wrong decision and change his mind?

The Habs may also be up for sale. Want to pool our money together and buy them? Do you think OK Hockey is kicking themselves now thinking they could have bought a profitable team? Maybe they could buy this one too to pay for their losses with Tampa...they could call it 'revenue sharing'.

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