Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lightning 2 v. Senators 3 - Bolts Lose

Working while the game is on sucks. So no recap on the first period. It's a 1 - 1 tie anyways, so I don't care. Murphy and Shannon score, both on the powerplay according to the box score.

Second period starts with Ottawa on a power play. Petiot is out of the box. Petiot? Playing? I'm shocked. Nothing happens on the pp.

Fisher gets a nice rush, but Ramo makes an even better glove save. Stamkos and St. Louis fly down to the other end, Stamkos gets a shot but no goal.

TSN has stopped talking about hockey and instead is focusing on Carrie Underwood and Hillary Duff. No ducking today for the camera's? I can't believe those two date Ottawa Senators.

Schubert takes a stupid tripping penalty on Stamkos. We're one for one on the penalty. Alfredson get the puck and tried to get a shorthanded goal. Lecavalier takes the fake and dives to block the shot, Alfedson passes to Kelly, goal.

Adam Hall answers back 10 seconds later. Just like that it's a tie game. Take that Ottawa.

TSN is now showing a clip of Lecavalier in a race car. We're back on the PP. A lot of passing, Lecavalier has a chance, but no goal. Nothing much happens for the rest of the period.

End of Second

TSN shows some clip of some possible eye gouging from Arty on Ruutu. Ruutu never got the call on the ice because, well he's Ruutu (at least he's better than Matt Cooke). They'll definately review this one, possible suspension coming. Ruutu will be back for the third, so it should get interesting.

Third Period
Tampa gets a power play. 2 seconds later Malone takes us off of the power play. Weak.

Stamkos has a great shot on goal, Elliot gets a piece of it. The lightning go back on the powerplay. It sounds like Pierre Mcguire is a 13 year old girl the way he is gushing about Lecavalier.Thank god I don't have to hear him comment on more than 2 games a week. I can only take so much He's a MONSTER!

Spezza is celebrating like he got a goal. Was there a kicking motion? Review. C'mon Toronto!


Pressure in the Lightning zone, Ramo kicks out the puck on a huge chance by the Senators. St. Louis gets the puck with 3 seconds left, and shoots high! After the period ends you can see him shaking his head knowing he could have ended it there.


Great 3 on 1 chance by St. Louis and Lecavalier, St. Louis can't find the net.

Some garbage goal by Mike Fisher ends the game. Then we get camera angle of Carrie Underwood hugging some girl. The box looks like its filled with girls who don't understand what icing is. Apparently this is her birthday present, a garbage goal from Fisher.

I would have preferred that if we were going to lose, to get no goals. Good effort from the team though. It's nice to see them play like this game actually meant something.

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