Sunday, March 15, 2009

Peltonen takes on Artyukhin

Seah Leahy posted this video in the evening headlines of PD. I missed this from the game last night. Peltonen tries to take on Artyukhin in a fight, and Arty looks 40 pounds heavier and six inches taller than him. You can see Arty just hesitate before throwing his first punch...

Artyukhin: 6'5", 259 pounds
Peltonen: 5'11", 182 pounds

This is Peltonen's 1st career fight. Huge size mismatch.

**The fight apparently in response to the knee-on-knee hit that Arty laid on Peltonen during their last game on January 17. Arty had got a 2 game suspension for it.

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